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"Teleporter brings the dream of teleportation alive"



The Teleporter App is your perfect way to see the world,

without moving an inch.


Shake your device or click the T button to view a random location. Vicariously visit sites from all over the world. Most of the locations are on this planet. A few are in space. Some are in the ocean. Some of them are abstract as in art that explores teleportation. You never see the same place twice in the same session.


Available for iPhone, Android and your browser. It's free!

This was the final project for my Mobile App Development class at 

Emily Carr University, led by professor Jim Andrews.

Proud to be featured in Fast Company, VICE, Dazed Digital, to name a few!

In The Press!

 “Part of the inspiration for Teleporter is this idea of trying to create imaginative online machines, to present people with a machine that they drive. It’s fun.”

"It's like spinning the Google globe and plunking down your index finger. Where will you end up?

Who knows!"

 “This afternoon, we zipped through China, hung out on the uninhabited Henderson Island and got stuck in Scott's Base, Antartica for a while. Where are you going?

 “We feel like a true explorer in the freest sense, zapping through locations, scanning the vicinity, always moving on, omniscient and empowered.”

 “The algorithm calculates a random latitude and longitude somewhere on Earth, and then finds the closest panoramic photo in Google’s archives!

 “Travel teleportation: this new website will give you an instant virtual vacation

Take the Teleporter for a spin. 

Try It Below! 

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