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"PUMA brings back the love for all things vinyl"



Puma Loves Vinyl is a new project that will see the pressing of an Indian indie compilation album on a special 12″ LP. The project brings together seven top Indian artists who have written new songs for the compilation – Gaurav Raina (of Midival Punditz), Karsh Kale, Ankur & The Ghalat Family,Tough On Tobacco, The Supersonics, Reggae Rajahs and Dualist Inquiry.


The task was to design an album cover:

- Theme for Cover: LOVE FOR VINYL
- Size of Design: 12*12 inches / 300dpi

- For the cover of the Vinyl LP limited edition disc


The designs were unveiled on & were also given out along with the Limited Edition Vinyls at their live concerts in India!


I call the artwork "the musical tree of life' as it represents a fractal tree with people singing and playing instruments under the tree. It symbolizes how we are all one universal family, resonating and creating sound and energy as we go along this life journey. 


Read more here.

Puma Loves Vinyl : What It's All About

Crafting the LP Cover

  • I first drew three pictures on paper - one of a big tree representing all brances of life, another of people dancing and singing under this tree, and a final one of a christmas pine tree signifying our innerselves

  • I scanned my mom's old doily, which is an ornamental tea mat, and used it as the pattern for the ground and soil, as the roots of the tree, like a fractal core.

  • After inverting the images on illustrator and applying a vignette, I pasted my favourite guitar heads outline as the main root of the musical Tree of Life. 5 points if you guessed Fender Strat! 


  • The entire image projected love and an earthy organic vibe - so keep in tune with that, I applied a red hue (and added a hint of glow to the Fender Strat head!)

  • To this came a lot of green and yellow flame hits - imitating the earths core and natures fury and passion, which I resonate with music 

  • A quick addition of the Puma logo and the logo was all finished to go!
    See below 


  • Final Image!

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