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What is a Tarot Birth Card / Soul Card?

Hello seekers

Most of us know our astro birth signs, but do you know that you also have a Tarot Birth Card? Thats right, one (or two, or three) of the Major Arcana tarot cards correspond specifically to your birth date. They're also called Soul cards because they talk about your inner being and souls calling, purpose and path. Pretty cool to think about, lovely to meditate on.

Created from the numbers in your birth date, these cards reveal our innermost self and our personal identity that remains constant throughout our lifetime. Since each of us can have 1 or 2 or some cases 3 Tarot Birth cards, we find that every card sheds light on your life path and can be used to unlock your own gifts. They also represent your guardian angels and can be used as symbols of power, hope, and also used in rituals or ceremonies to pray with and keep close to you.

Since these cards signify our potential in this lifetime - we can also draw upon the meanings in order to fulfill our spiritual mission in your mortal vessel. They show you the strengths, challenges and key themes of your life’s journey with great symbolism, meaning and depth. Your soul cards show you the potential you possess perhaps most importantly - your life’s purpose.

After much calculation, I found that my Tarot Birth cards/ Soul cards are The Star and Strength.

I use mine in different ways. I keep the cards with me when I need luck, I keep either close to my crystals and use them in full moon rituals, some people even get theirs tattooed, and some are just curious to know what their journies are going to be like. It also has special references in a tarot reading if your card comes up, as it will take precedent over the other cards in a spread.

If you're interested, you can find out what’s yours are now through my Tarot Birth card match service. Since I've just introduced this, I am letting the price drop till the end of the month!

Intro Charges 999 till 30th Nov 2021

(down from 1999)

Details required:

Full name, birth date, email address.

Report will be emailed in 24 hours

🦅 Blessed be, Raven

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