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Samhain 2021 - Crystal Haul + All My Crystals

It's halloween/ samhain! Such a great time of the year to get ready for winter.

This warranted a visit to a crystal store for some fresh energy in the house. So, I visited Ostara – the OG crystal and spiritual den of Ajay uncle that has been a sanctuary for little wizards and witches in Bangalore – after almost a year.

Damn it felt good. Just walking in makes me feel like I'm in a space that I inherently resonate with. A place I can float and vibe into without any effort or resistance. A safe space.

I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl, always lingering too long, spending way too much time staring at Pyrite crystals or Quartz pendulums; I was a total Ravenclaw Hermione if there was one.

I also always seemed to have a million questions. I tired out the kind shopkeepers but I know they secretly liked my passion even if they were opening their books and notes to quell my queries. I’m a bit of a spiritual nerd, you see.

My visit to the shop was intentional – I have been looking for protective and healing stones for my altar and for cleansing purposes post tarot readings and energy rituals. Luckily I picked up some beautiful rocks on this visit, the most I’ve ever bought in one go, hence the haul post.

Without further ado, here are the new babies:

Black Tourmaline pyramid Opalite (rectangular) with a little magick bubble Stitchtite - Raw chunk Quantum Quattro - Raw chunk Selenite - Natural Stick Apatite - Stone Bear in mind, most of these stones are for psychic protection, rejuvenation and absorbing negative energy – but also have a host of other properties. If you’re interested to read about them I would suggest googling each name and going into them in-depth.

Apart from this,

I have a few more crystal babies from over the years:

Silicon Carbide - Raw Cluster from Natural History Museum, London UK

Pink Agate - Cross Section Slice from Vancouver, BC

Clear Quartz - Raw cluster from Goa, India

So far thats 10 crystals - not including any jewellery, only solid pieces - and I hope to add more pieces that call out to me to this tiny collection over the years. Till then, if you have any questions about the minerals mentioned; or about which stones to use for yourself or a particular purpose, get in touch. I also do Crystal Matching sessions based on your birth chart. This chart tells you 4 main stones - your birth stone, love stone, career stone and health stone. If you'd like yours charted, get in touch on Instagram or email me and I'll get back to you shortly.

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Love and magick, Raven

The Wild Raven Mystic Arts Spiritual Therapy • Tarot & Oracle Reader • Energy Healer • Aromachologist • Fantasy Writer

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