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Loft 38: Food Tasting and Review

When you enter Loft 38, the first thing that hits you is the vastness. This is a highly unique space, which combines the feel of an old school factory / warehouse with the urban hipster glitz of purple neon along the brick and mortar. We were greeted by the team and management, led by Mallik.

In the heart of 100 ft road, this is a stellar location. 3 levels of seating allow a guest to pick exactly what kind of view or experience they want to have, depending on their mood. The ground floor has a nice space to dance, in front of a DJ console, and there is also a small garden / seating area outside for smokers.

The menu is huge and will cater to anyones needs. It has classics and new dishes alike, ranging from Indian to Chinese to Italian food. We were given a huge spread, and tucked right in.

To start off with, I must mention the Mojito Festival they have going on this month. There are fruit infused mojitos ranging from mango to grape to good old watermelon for a limited time only. My friend and I opted for the watermelon and mango (virgin ofcourse because it was 2 in the afternoon), and they were truly some of the nicest Mojitos I've ever had. Really well balanced, with the right amount of ice, mint and fruit. Mmm. So lets get down to the food! A lot of you might not know this, but Loft is more than just a great place for drinks. It has a really extensive menu full of a plethora of choices for great value for money with epic portions. After much thought, we ordered the following: LOFT CAESER SALAD Full of greens, this Caesar salad came to us deconstructed, powered by an egg and garlic bread as accompaniments. The leaves were really fresh and crisp. The chicken still had some skin on it, and you'd get that crispness on the outside while the rest of the meat just melted in your mouth. I loved the simplicity of the boiled egg. Bread was good too. CRISPY AVOCADO PASTRY What a shocker this is! A tray of pani puri shells, full of avocado and a tomato/onion salsa is what you get. Ingenious or crazy? You decide. It's definitely a good idea, however I do feel as though the flavour of the avacado could have been given more of the limelight by adding more in each puchka. NAGA CHILLI PORK True to its name, you get exactly what you imagine. The pork pieces were cut in cubes, with balanced amounts of meat and fat on each chunk. The chilli was the bomb, I really loved the kick of the dish. It definitely makes you reach for another mojito! So its definitely really good to go along with a chilled beer.

JERK BEEF SLIDERS A trio of mini burgers adorns the table, stuffed with copious amounts of sweet, chewy beef. Its pulled but you'll still have to use your teeth to really go through, so there is a bit of a fun bite to it. I would've liked a sauce on the side, that I could've added to the beef in whatever quantity I preferred, so that it became a bit softer and easier to chew the pieces of meat.

GO CHU JANG CHICKEN PIZZA This was a gamble order because I've never eaten pizza with a chinese swing to it. But oh damn, the flavour of the asian chicken toppings merged really well with the cheese. But more so, I loved the crust. it was cripsy from the crust to the middle of the slice. Some pizzas tend to get soft and limp over, but this one was a real thin crust treat. ROCKET PESTO RISOTTO WITH TEMPURA PRAWNS Um WOW! This right here is a risotto to be reckoned with! I've been lucky to have the real deal in Italy, and after one bite of this creamy, heavy bowl of green heaven - I knew I had finally found a worthy counterpart in my own city. The flavours of the rocket pesto balance the cheesiness and prawn flavours with striking balance. And the portion was enough for 4. A must try.


If you're looking for a new fish dish to try, go for this. It's so different from the usual fish items available. With a side of papaya and mango salad, and soft sticky rice to go with it - the turmeric covered fish was cooked really well and fell apart in my mouth. It was such a great thing to try. I would've never expected it to be as good as it was. LOFT SIGNATURE CHEESECAKE A small square chunk of cheesecake, topped with blueberry compote came to the table. The cheesecake was definitely a bit chewy and heavy for me, and my spoon felt a bit of hard resistance while cutting through. It could be bit lighter and fluffier to really take it to the next level. VANILLA PANNACOTTA Best item of the day - hands down! A big slab of pure vanilla pannacotta, with berries and a fruit compote are what you get. The texture is absolutely awesome and we didnt stop eating it right until the plate was licked clean. Stellar dish for an even better price point. Overall, I'd highly recommend anyone go check out Loft 38. It's a great place to do lunch or just lounge with your friends. They're bringing new and fun offers to the table every month, like the current Mojito festival. So its a good place to go to if you're looking for a change of space in Indiranagar. The staff is super friendly and they help you customize your F&B exactly to your choice.

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