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Jonah's Terrace Lounge: Food Tasting and Review

Jonah's Terrace Lounge: A Review

Located at: 12th Main Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Cuisine: American, Continental, Seafood, Italian. Known for: Italian * I was invited for a food tasting at Jonah's Terrace Lounge. Woohoo!

Located in the heart of Indiranagar, Jonah's location is flawless and spills over two gorgeous floors. The first floor boasts a restaurant setting with plush green chairs and jute wrapped lightbulbs - and the latter is a sprawling rooftop with a lovely view. Plus a stellar bar of course.

I arrived with my team and was greeted warmly by the manager, Dinesh.

He got us a table and introduced us to the menu for the day, which comprised of 7 intense dishes that best represented Jonahs. I loved the branding on the menu (which is pretty huge by the way) - so its safe to say you're spoilt for choice here. The food is quite diverse ranging from continental items to fish curry to good old 'merican burgers and fries.

Upon asking what the best item on the menu is, the chef himself recommended the pizza's. Don't forget to check out the yellow & blue checked wood fire oven in the open kitchen.

Overall, what I came to realize is that Jonah's is a gem of restaurant - and it's unique because it offers something very rare - healthy fine-dining. It's a stunning bistro thats totally focused on serving the most nutritious food possible, while keeping the yum factor high.

The Menu

The Drink

The ABC Drink

Apple, Beetroot and Carrot cooler


Aromatic Pasta

Pasta with mint, coriander, cherry tomatoes, herbs and olive oil

Prawn Wrapped Blanket Prawns, feta cheese, prosciutto in spring roll blankets

Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken, anchovies, pita on side with chicken breast


American Chicken Pizza

Pesto, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and chicken

Grilled Chicken Panchetta bacon, chicken breast, garlic sauce, steamed veggies, ratatouille on a bed of mashed potatoes


Cashew Nut Brownie

Brownie with walnuts choco ice cream and maraschino cherries

The Tasting

The Drink

ABC Drink x Apple, Beetroot and Carrot cooler

It's always great to walk into a restaurant and have the perfect drink waiting.

One expects the usual - a mojito, or a light daiquiri.. perhaps even a beer.

But Jonah's brought us something so fresh and healthy

that it slayed all other contenders.

Behold - the most refreshing fruit juice i've had in a long time! The ABC Drink.

It hits you with a strong beetroot earthy flavour, layered with soft tones of apple and carrot (which almost mimics an orange in some bits). A definite must try for all health freaks, vegans and anyone who likes to try something different. And what a gorgeous colour too!


Aromatic Pasta

When the pasta came to the table, we smelt it before we saw it.

This punchy strong hit of coriander wafted in and totally woke us all up.

A gorgeous plate of farfalle pasta, cloaked in olive oil,

topped with lots of herbs and cherry tomatoes came our way.

This is a really fresh dish, so if you're looking for something light and summery look no further. Suffice to say, the plating was stunning.

Prawn Wrapped Blanket

Oh my god. This was amazing. Finger food at its best.

The right balance of crunch, spice and seafood

- all wrapped up in spring roll sheets.

The goats cheese and prosciutto was really good and cooked just right.

The prawn had the right amount of bite too, so I'm impressed they got every element spot on. It comes with a side of cabbage salad which is a nice touch.

Chicken Caeser Salad

We've all had caeser salads before but this one is deconstructed so its D.I.Y.

The star of this dish was that chicken. Cooked to perfection, it was soft and juicy, drizzled heavily with a lemon dressing. A must for all salad freaks.

And it comes with some pita bread for a much-needed crunch.

Very well thought out.


American Chicken Pizza

When it comes to pesto, I'm a bit of a snob.

It's hard to get right... especially on a pizza.

But this was so good! The pizza is the size of a regular plate but is jam packed with toppings ranging from cherry tomatoes to mushrooms

to copious amounts of chicken - so its actually great to share with friends.

Mmm. That crust though. Now I know why the chef recommends it.

Grilled Chicken

Now this ones a biggie! The amount of food on the plate was incredulous.

2 big chunks of chicken breast lie on a bed of mashed potatoes and ratatouille.

The chicken was cooked really well, and the potatoes were soft and smooth.

Topped with prosciutto and heavy cream (alongside all the veggies) this is one of those dishes to order when you're completely ravenous! Go for it.


Cashew Nut Brownie

With literally no space to spare in my tummy,

we were brought the closing song for the night.

A chunky, cashew ridden brownie came cloaked in ice cream.

It was a total classic, and was the perfect way to complete an epic meal.

Needless to say, there wasn't a crumb left in sight.

Final Thoughts

From the moment we entered Jonah's, right till we left - it was total bliss.

Not only did we have an amazing food experience but also loved the customer service and the entire team. It felt like going to a 5 star hotel, but far more relaxed. A great spot to take the family, a bunch of friends

or even your special someone for a nice meal. I'd start off with food in the restaurant and mosey on upstairs to drink the night away. A big thank you to the entire team at Jonahs for being so hospitable.

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