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How to Pick a Crystal

"Pass not the shapeless lump of crystal by

Nor view the icy mass with careless eye . . .

This rough and unform’d stone, without a grace,

Midst rarest treasures holds the chiefest place"


In a world of 100's of crystals, how do you go about finding the right stone for you?

You may start by looking for a pretty one, or something stunning that catches your eye, but the key to searching for a crystal that is attuned to you is through feeling.

You must use own your own intuition, curiosity and natural attraction to guide you to a stone that's meant to be with you. Instinct is important. Think to yourself, I want to find the crystal that is perfect for me right now!

If you're in a store, run your hands over different pieces to feel any magnetic or sticky energy with any of them: that's how to physically find what's meant for you. Don't overthink it - even if the piece isn't the biggest or loudest or shiny - it may be absolutely right for your purpose.

Another way to lock down on a crystal for you is to go through a book or website and read through the meanings of different gemstones and their attributes. If something seems intriguing, dig deeper.

It isn't about the superficial beauty of a stone that matters, but its powers and qualities that are important for your healing. A rough dull piece may be more suited to you than a fancy gem, so don't restrict yourself. Just like various characters in a play, you'll need different crystals for different times.

Once you start collecting pieces, find a place to store them properly in your home. Cleanse them every full moon or when they feel like they're 'full' so that they're ready for action again.

Love and light


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