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Chakras, Crystals, Chants - A Healing Trio

This post is all about chakras, crystals and chants - and how to harness their power to heal yourself and boost positive momentum in your life. Once you get your charts done to find out which ones match your life path and planets, you can use them for the rest of the life.

Get in touch if you'd be interested to find out what your Crystal and Chants would work best for your chakras.


First off, what exactly are Chakras anyway?

Acting as your body’s energy system, chakras are linkage points between the physical body and emotional bodies that make up the energy field around you. The chakras are located along the spine, running vertically and centered across your body. We have more energy centers in our bodies than we can count, but the seven main chakras are the ones universally recognized.

Each chakra corresponds to a different color and purpose, and allow us to thrive when they are balanced: Here are the 7 chakras and what they represent:

Chakra 7 - Crown (White): Connection to the Universe, and every being. Breaking karmic cycles, unconditional love, ability to live in the present, compassion and kindness.

Chakra 6 - Third eye (Purple/Violet): Intuition, psychic abilities, inner wisdom and sight, higher consciousness, connection to inspiration and reality, ability to think clearly.

Chakra 5 - Throat (Blue): Communication, speaking your truth, how you express yourself, spiritual connection to your guides and your soul.

Chakra 4 - Heart (Green): How you give and receive love, how you forgive, strong sense of awareness, healthy relationships with others.

Chakra 3 - Solar Plexus (Yellow): Excellent will-power, confidence, goal-oriented, strong sense of purpose and clear sense of self, ability to respond instead of react.

Chakra 2 - Sacral (Orange): Sensuality, emotions, passion, sexually empowered, creativity, ideas, birth, fertility.

Chakra 1 - Root (Red): Survival and basic needs, strength, being centered and present, feeling safe and at home in the world.


Now onto crystals.

Crystals or gemstones have been used throughout history for their metaphysical properties. Specifically, as aids for health and protection and attracting love or luck into ones life. Crystals’ vibrations are said to arise from the unique way their atoms and molecules move and interact in the rock / geo formation.

For starters, it is believed that crystals are conduits for the healing energy of the earth when used correctly. Thats why people feel like crystals emit positive, uplifting, energizing, and calming vibrations that help you achieve a more peaceful mind and a revitalized physical state of being. Many swear by it, and the only way to know if it works for you is to give it a go.

Crystals are used in many different ways. Some, like rose quartz, make beautiful accent pieces in your home and create a loving atmosphere. Crystals can also be worn as necklaces or other types of jewelry—and with colors ranging from green to black to pink, you're sure to find an option that matches what you're seeking. Others exert their calming powers when you carry them with you, while there's a variety you'll want to hold while meditating or practicing deep breathing. They're beautiful, varied and every piece is unique - just like you.

There are 100's of crystals and stones out there - so its best to do a Crystal Match session to find out what your birth crystals are, and which ones to use for different parts of your life - general wellbeing, love, career and your health. These are charted based on your unique birth details including your place and time of birth.


What is a chant?

A chant is a series of words or sounds that one repeats, often aloud or in the mind, to trigger deep vibrations of positive healing. They are an ancient practise, just like crystals and chakras. The simplest chant is a beej mantra also known as a vedic seed chant and is made up of one word. Each chakra also corresponds to a particular beej chant, and once you know what your particular beej mantra is, you can chant it to heal your energy.

According to ancient Indian texts as well as the latest works in quantum physics, the whole universe was created through cosmic sound energy which was then followed by heat and light energy and eventually life forms. So sound vibrations are intimately connected to our “prana” or “life energy”.

When you chant a particular beej mantra, its meant to symbolize your power growing, like a seed grows into tree with strong roots and vast branches. Chant your beej mantra 108 times for best effect. Use your crystal with you while you do. Thats all you need to do!

Beej mantras corresponds to chakras as follows:

1. Root Chakra – LAM

2. Sacral Chakra – VAM

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – RAM

4. Heart Chakra – YAM

5. Throat Chakra – HAM

6. Third Eye Chakra – OM

7. Crown Chakra – OM

If you'd like to know which Beej Mantra suits you based on your unique birth chart, do get in touch for a Beej Mantra Match.


Chants and Their Corresponding Chakras:


How to use them for Chakras, Crystals and Chants for Maximum Power:

When a particular chakra is unbalanced, it may impact your mind, body, and spirit, this is where we use your birth stones and beej mantra / chant to balance it right back. Sometimes, imbalances can manifest in the following ways in different chakras:

Crown: Depression, lack of empathy, close-mindedness, confusion, victimization, not being present, unable to connect with others.

Third eye: Difficulty accessing your intuition, judgmental, dismissive, headaches, sadness, disconnection from reality, anxiety.

Throat: Social anxiety, fear of public speaking, fear of judgment and not being accepted, unable to communicate your needs.

Heart: Trust issues, difficulty forgiving others, grief, anger, bitterness, unhealthy emotional boundaries, apathetic, negative self-talk.

Solar Plexus: Low self-esteem, insecure, feeling lost, poor will-power and lack of self-control, loss of motivation, fatigue, addictive tendencies, manipulating others to serve your needs.

Sacral: Blocked from joy and creative expression, unhealthy physical life, fear of expressing yourself or showing your true personality, frustrated.

Root: High anxiety, fear, feeling unsafe in the world, struggling for balance, procrastination, feeling disconnected from your body.


How Do You Balance Your Chakras?

Energy cleanses, using crystals and chanting mantras are 3 of the most powerful ways to balance your chakras and regain alignment. When you balance your chakras, you’re helping to boost your mental and physical health while correcting this out-of-whack feeling you may be experiencing as well as clearing any blocks that don't allow new energy to flow into your life.

It also helps to meditate and visualize a glowing orb cleansing you while you do so, or spend time with your birth crystals. Make sure you’re in a quiet place without disturbances, stay relaxed while keeping an open heart and receptive frame of mind.

It's best to get healing or an energy cleanse done for you by someone else, a healer, a friend or practising reiki/ pranic healer. I do rituals that comprise of pagan rituals with herbs, incense, essential oils, mantras and offerings to the planets / energies that are really quite beneficial and powerful.

I started off doing these energy cleanses and healing rituals many years ago, and now I do them for others via distance healing. Do get in touch if you'd be interested in a love, luck, career or all round life cleanse for your chakras. I'd need your birth details and will share a specific guided meditation with you post cleanse, which will help you manifest positivity.


Once you know which crystal and chant to use, you can heal your chakras and experience a new sense of balance and wellbeing in your world.

Love and Magick,


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