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NEARBUY: The Great Indian Pub Crawl

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

So, if you know me, you know I love a good fun event. Especially when it's food centric!

Which is why i'm so happy to share something special to me, with you.

The newly revamped Groupon aka NEARBUY is hosting a pubcrawl in Indiranagar called The Great Indian Pub Crawl this March 22nd! You have to turn up for this. It's a steal.

This is definitely not your typical pub crawl. It’s an exclusive, 100 guest event. At a minimal cost, this crawl allows you to chill with your friends, meet new people, sample a variety of drinks, experience Indiranagar's buzzing nightlife and be a part of the awesome party you deserve. We’re making Wednesdays the new Fridays! Let's solve those mid-week crisis, shall we?

So this is how it goes! We start off at Barebones, mosey on to Jonah's and then wrap up at Cirrus.

The entry scene is so chill - Rs 499/- for girls, Rs 699/- for guys & Rs 999/- for couples.

Meet us at BBs's at 730 on March 22nd to kick the night off.

Want something extra?

Fret not - all places will feature a custom menu, with prices ranging from Rs 99 to Rs 249 for food and drinks if you need more. Yep its that simple.

See you there 'loreans!

Barebones Venue:




Jonahs Venue:




Cirrus Venue:



The event link on Nearbuy:


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