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HAPPY JARS natural peanut butter

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

It was a lovely Sunday evening, and I went to a music festival outside Bangalore called Echoes of Earth with some friends. The theme was based around being eco friendly and organic, hence all the flea market stalls were curated accordingly. However, none of the vendors impressed me as much as Happy Jars did. I literally smelt the fresh peanut butter from far away and was led to the stall by my hound dog nose. Good job, nose.

What I chanced upon was the most authentic peanut butter I've ever tasted in the country. I met a lovely girl and boy at the stall, who offered me both creamy and crunchy PB samples. I'm a creamy girl all the way, and was skeptical as I have high peanut butter expectations. And man oh man. I was more than pleasantly surprised :)

One taste and I was hooked! I had a tiny bite and wanted more, so I kept in touch with the team. Just got my very own jar from them, and I've been generously enjoying it with toast, cookies and a lot of other unusual pairings! They've been a breeze to deal with.

The Happy Jar's peanut butter is so, so amazing. I haven't tried the crunchy one so this review is all about the creamy version. The jar contains about 220 gms of pure peanut butter and retails at at Rs 250/-

The texture is velvety smooth, and the taste is clean. There is no residue or grainy taste whatsoever. You can see little bits of the peanut and jaggery blended together in a beautiful yellow shade, similar to that of the setting Indian sun. Don't worry about anything chemical - there is NOTHING extra added in this. No preservatives, no sugar, no oils. Which is why some people may find the taste a tad on the salty side, because the regular peanut butter in the markets has always been sweeter, due to added sugar.

I've stored my jar outside the fridge because the weather here in Bangalore is cool and perfect for storage. I do not like refrigerating spreads because it changes the consistency and kills the creaminess a bit. However, if you're in a warm city like Calcutta (my other home) I'd definitely suggest putting it in the fridge!

So what did I mix up my PB with? It's perfect on toast (duh) with your morning cup of coffee. It's also absolutely spot on for being mixed with jelly/jam because it's got a savoury tinge to it. That blend of salt and sweet creates a perfect feel of umami in my mouth. Mmmm. I had a packet of Rose Cookies (those of you who live in the south will have tried these crunchy flower shaped bikkies that originate from Kerala at some point) at home and thought about dunking the two. And man! IT WAS SO GOOD. I've officially found my new guilty pleasure. Soon after, I looked for a slightly healthy alternative as a snack that I could pack and take with me when I travel. And so I sliced an apple and spread PB onto a piece. Really yum again. I noticed that I was instinctively matching items with a hit of sucrose in them because I could finally enjoy PB that was so natural. It's all about the peanuts.

Overall I absolutely love this product (if it isn't obvious already) and am so so glad that the happy team at happy jar created this product. It's an independent Indian brand doing something no other Indian company has been able to achieve: make kickass PB so yum you can eat it right out of the pot. While the price is slightly on the higher side, it's totally worth it if you take your PB seriously and are looking for an organic, clean version. There's no double thinking this purchase - you need to get your hands on this jar!

Thank you for "spreading" the love, Happy Jars. You've sure made me a happy bunny!

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