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B.E.Hemp's mission is to educate the Indian public about the benefits of the Cannabis plant. So, they create epic products out of hemp and sell them. By showing customers how many variations there are, theres no way anyone can't support this gorgeous plant. I'm a total advocate, so I was instantly intrigued after I stumbled onto their Instagram page!

Soon after, I spoke to the team and told them I'd love to do a review for them. So they were kind enough to keep a few things aside for me, and I collected the items from their gorgeous stall at Sunday Soul Sante

So they sent me a lovely medley of things - ranging from B.E Hemp rolling papers, to HEMP Soap by Sundaram, HEMP and twine balls of string, a hemp notebook and a little dreamcatcher. For good dreams, yknow. I'll put up a pic of that later!

These rolling papers stand out thanks to the stunning art work on them, and they're nice and thin for those perfect joints.

I remember receiving a few of these in a SlimJim package earlier this year.

The HEMP Soap was definitely a pleasant surprise. Im used to hemp cosmetics always smelling extra green/herbal. I never loved that - however, THIS soap has the perfect amount of Hemp in it, so its just right. The soap still has this really sweet, creamy smell. but with tons of hemp undertones. Totally worth it! 100 gms for Rs 210/-

I actually used this right after taking the photo and it was awesome. The soap foamed up and lathered well, and washed off easily. No oiliness but a lovely softness in the skin. Smells dope too. Muhaha. Haha. Ha.

The notebook is really earthy. The feel is great, it has this texture to it - like dried paper mache! And the logo stands out really bright in a stunning green colour.

And surprise! The pages inside are made of hemp paper too. So it's all just cannabis paper between a gorgeous cover and back.

I'm going to save this book for something special!

And I also got these gorgeous hemp balls to make dreamcatchers with...

....This ones rainbow coloured !

And as promised, here's a picture of the little dreamcatcher they gave me as well :)

Feel free to visit them and get your hands on some incredible hemp stuff: Website: https://www.instamojo.com/behempindia/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/behempindia/

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