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Its not everyday you find a store online that hits all the marks - great website, dope designs, good price point. But Daily Objects is all that and more, which makes it my go-to site for mobile covers, laptop cases, notebooks and cool leather pouches. You don't want to miss this.

A lot of online shopping portals claim to have great design, awesome sales & customer service and fast delivery - but barely any of them actually live up to that. But just after browsing through Daily Objects for the first time, I was super impressed with their curation! I hadn't seen such a dope collection of cases, notebooks, wallets, sleeves and covers in a long time.

So, I emailed the DO team and told them how pleased I was with their work. As a kind gesture, they sent me a notebook and phone cover to review. They even asked me to pick which designs I liked the best :) So I picked a Mandala notebook and Raven iPhone 6 case.

I got emails every other day, with updates about my delivery status. When the products arrived (on time, mind you) they were packed beautifully and I couldn't believe how well the products were protected.

When I unboxed the case, I actually gasped! Im a raven fanatic, and this case was just perfect for someone like me. If you're a corvid fan, you'll stare at this case and the detailed artwork it has for ages.

The case looks black but it isn't, it has a slight purple and green tone to it at angles, because the original print itself is that way. It snapped onto my phone very easily and I can grip it well, owing to the matt finish off the case. I love it and have been using it ever since I got it.

The book is pretty amazing too. It seems like all their products come in this lovely, reusable little jute bag. The book has a lovely smooth finish, with rounded edges so as not to hurt you or give you paper cuts. Very thoughtful! The quality of the pages is great, and I absolutely love the teal back cover. Its got a soft spine so its nice and bendy without getting any creases or getting squished. A great note book. And SO pretty! The colours really pop. I'm gonna order loads of these bad boys.

Over all I'd definitely order from Daily Objects again, and can't wait to see what new designs they keep rolling out!

You can shop all things Daily Objects at the following links: Website: http://www.dailyobjects.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DailyObjects

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