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We all need a solid sounding board.

It's all about you.

And we would LOVE to show you how it's done.

Explore an eSession with a certified coach that will guide you with solid strategy and practical tools to help you navigate this funny thing we call life.

Get unstuck. Gain clarity. Stay focused.


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national career counsellors network award 2019

UK accredited

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Learn solid life tools from certified coaches.

Learn cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and emotional mastery tools to curb stress, anxiety, and the blues

Understand what jobs suit you, map out short + long term goals for 6mths 1yr 5yrs, upgrade your resume, biodata + online presence

Revisit the fundamentals like food, sleep, water, exercise levels, learn body empowerment and understand the art of self care

Figure out your life purpose, understand inner child healing, the art of self love + compassion, activating your spiritual side

Relationship and love advice, how to be a solid partner, green and red flags, boundaries, using your voice kindly

Get on a call with us or let us email you more info about the sessions.

Unleash your inner badass.

Coaching helps you deal with stress, anxiety, doubt, confusion and gain peace of mind.

It's incredibly satisfying.

Our "mind detectives" will show you the art of clear thinking, effective goal planning, how to elevate your perspective, find your purpose, map out what you want and create a road map of how to get there.

They're committed to help you discover and explore the magic your mind is capable of,
when given the right tools and strategies.

How? Simple.

Kindness, empathy and a whole lotta strategy.


Based out of India, the UK and Canada - our team is passionate about self discovery, wellbeing and productivity; and blend east and west psych methodologies in order to promote independent learning and lifelong healing for people from all walks of life. 


eSessions can be booked à la carte, weekly or monthly

eSessions can only be fixed via prior booking

eSessions are conducted over the internet or telephone

eSessions are currently available internationally

Do get in touch for info regarding fees and discounts


Bookings can be done via email or telephone or whatsapp at +91 98309 12234 or +91 8746 000 777

We accept UPI transactions and Bank transfers globally


resource library

The first step in unboxing your own mental health is to understand it better.

So, if you're curious at all about the wondrous world of psychology - and what goes on in that head of yours - our new free resources library is a great place to start.


Spend a few minutes (or hours) with our ebook database to discover everything from neurons to behaviour, healing to rationality, the nature of existence, productivity and life itself. 

Discover more about your brain. Learn new life skills. Or just read for fun! Our library is completely open source for all readers.

Get exclusive news about upcoming ecourses, resources and bundle deals

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